Leukemia…Its a race against time…Be The Match!!!

The past few months have taught me a major lesson. I have learnt that a lifetime isn’t very long and that there are only so many tomorrows.
I learnt that when you think you have all the time in the world and you are busy taking your life and health for granted, some people are desperately fighting for theirs.

About 2 years ago, a friend of mine was diagnosed with leukemia and that was a life changing ordeal for him.
 After a fight for his life and constant support and prayers from his family and friends, he was given the all clear earlier this year. Unfortunately, on his road to recovery, he has recently suffered a relapse and is now back in hospital for further treatment.
During a recent chat with his doctors, they told him that he needs a bone marrow transplant for his survival.
Some of us would ask…..BUT WHAT IS LEUKEMIA?
Leukemia is a form of blood cancer where the white blood cells multiply abnormally and circulate throughout the body. This abnormal white blood cells are called leukemia cells. As learnt in biology, white blood cells help to fight infections in the body. but in a person with leukemia, if they are in large numbers, they deposit in the body tissues, crowding out the normal white cells, red cells and platelets and this makes it hard for the normal blood cells to function, hence causing damage.
It so happened that i was on the net one time gathering more information about being a marrow donor and as i surfed along, i came across a recent health Article on the BBC which showed that black people are three times more likely to need a transplant than the general population. This is because of the higher genetic disposition to illnesses. 
Moreover, only 1% of donors are from the black community. 
I personally think this is a sad situation as it means that the black people who need a matching donor have to be in the list for a long time and some eventually loose their battle during this wait.
As a registered donor myself, i want to add my voice and encourage people to become part of the solution and understand that this predicament can happen to anyone. You are fortunate enough to be healthy. Infact, you are blessed…
But unfortunately it is not so for everyone else. How would you feel if you were to find out you were a match to someone but you didn’t do anything about it? 
This is a humble plea coming straight from my heart, asking you guys to join the Anthony Nolan register(link below) for bone marrow donation.
I am of course passionate about this charity and about this cause because of my friend, but also because it gives me much joy to know that i am potentially able to save someone’s life.
This plea also stems from the fact that i have previously lost a friend from leukemia and i didn’t know anything about transplant until later.
So i cannot be ignorant now that i know.
So i kindly ask you my friends and family, especially the black community, visit
and make a change in someone’s life.
Some of you reading this article may know the friend i am talking about and it should prompt you to be more motivated to take action.
And even the ones that do not know him, please help by registering on the above link in order to save, not just our friend’s life, but the life of others too. 1 donation can save up to 7 people.
You don’t have to lose your life to save someone else’s life, its just a simple procedure and the process doesn’t hurt. 
And whats more is that, the organisation will not contact you unless you are a match to someone.
As you ponder about what you get out of it, just know that in the long run, God will bless you and help you in your time of need.
Remain Blessed!!! 🙂