For every test, there’s a testimony…Share Yours!

It sure feels like a decade since i last blogged.It’s been manic to say the least. Trying to balance work, motherhood and life in general.It seems like when you promise yourself that you’re going to be consistent with something, thats when things get busy in your life and your mind conveniently gets a bit of what we famously call, the writer’s block.

For the past 2 years, i had this fire within me to continue with my blogs and to keep posting regularly. And its funny because since then, i have had so much going on in life that could even make up a book. Literally a number one seller.You would think that having a smart phone would be a motivator because i could blog as i go… but even the time to put the notes together wasn’t there. Maybe it was the lack of words to put the events together as things got intense. I became afraid of my own shadow. Afraid of exposing my life and I lived in fear that people would judge me.

 The good news is that since then, I have grown mentally and have realised that sometimes God puts us through certain tests so that we can be a testimony and help others. And that is what I am learning to do daily. To use my experiences to teach others and to inspire and change other people’s perspective on life.Many are the times that I felt I had a story to tell. A story that would encourage someone or uplift someone or maybe even make someone else feel like their life ain’t so bad. Sometimes maybe just a story that would be a good read, while I channelled my thoughts into writing.

The lesson to learn in this is that we should always create time for the things that we love and we should handle everything with courage even when it comes to sharing stories to bless someone else.

I cannot be certain that I will be posting everyday or every week, but one thing is for sure, that i will try my best not to let an interesting story or a valuable lesson pass by…


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