Kenya Turns 50

Kenya Turns 50

I pay respect and honour all those freedom fighters that fought for our rights and our land. All the blood that was shed in pain and misery with the goal to save our country. I pay tribute to the souls lost. But i am thankful that i was born in an independent, greater and richer Kenya. So for that, Dedan Kimathi, Waiyaki Hinga among others i raise my hat and bow. We are thankful to God for the freedom, but we are also indebted to your loyalty as our forefathers and former leaders.
So as Kenyans, we celebrate half a century of self-rule, but what have we learnt so far?
Hitting 50 years as Kenyans should awaken our senses and help us realize that we are one regardless of the tribes we are from or the languages we speak. Kenya originally means ‘The abode of God’…So lets humble ourselves and walk from 12/12/13 in peace knowing we are a chosen nation and we ought to be each other’s keepers. Like our president said “let us reflect on the significance of the colours of our flag and the words of our National Anthem. Let us also dedicate ourselves to the National Values inscribed in our new Constitution”.

Happy Jamhuri day to my kenyan family. Happy mashujaa day to all our freedom fighters. God bless Kenya.


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