Take a moment to ponder. A moment to look at your life, your situation and the circumstances in your present time. A moment to look at what you have, what others have and what you are lacking…Or rather…you THINK you are lacking!!!

And when you take that moment to think about all the above, think about this;… you are breathing right? You have a roof over your head, your fridge or cupboard cannot lack some food to sustain you for at least a couple of days until your next pay day, or shopping spree. Most of all, you are in good health!!.. At least most of us anyway!
I believe God doesn’t work in coincidence. He always has a plan and a reason for everything. A few days ago, i watched a Youtube clip about a girl who has Multiple Sclerosis and she was explaining how its been for her since she was diagnosed with the MS. (MS affects the ability of nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord to communicate with each other effectively). She was just a young girl and she had big dreams. But unfortunately, she may never be able to accomplish all of them.

And this video made me think…

I was overwhelmed with guilt and sadness, just thinking about how we complain and we question God when something very minor goes wrong in our lives. There are people in this world who have it worse than us.

It is not just about being critically ill, like the girl in the video, there are so many things that we ignore and we refuse to acknowledge how priviledged we are.

Think about this…Children in the remote areas of Africa and Asia walk to school without shoes, when some of us have a walk-in closet of designer clothes and shoes. The poor and needy are lucky if they get a snack to eat, to get them through the day. Most of us reading this article are probarbly eating dessert after having a 3 course meal. The sick can only depend on herbs for healing, when NHS is free for most of us.

The disabled cannot walk, the blind cannot see the beauty of God’s creation, The homeless have no shelter, and the men in the army die protecting our countries.

So next time any one of us wants to complain about the little adjustments in our lives, we should think about the above, and so much more going on in this world that i haven’t mentioned.

If by any chance you have been in the ungrateful category like me sometimes, we should all learn to appreciate how God has created us. When things in our lives are not going the way we want them to, lets look around and thank God for what we have, or how far He’s brought us. Believe that  He didn’t bring us this far, to leave us half way, He will surely us get through the situation.

God is faithful. Stay thankful no matter what. Do you know why? because the best gift we can give him is our appreciation and our praise. He has our best interests at heart.

Stay blessed.

Think About This…


Cheers to a New Year…Another chance to get it right.

It’s been quite a journey for most of us in 2011. All of us have grown a year older and of course wiser.  Some of us have remained stagnant in our ways of life and some have managed to accomplish a few goals or more. We have said goodbye to a few people from our lives, either in death or end of a relationship, and met some great people in our daily walk of life. People that have helped to make a difference in one way or another. Whether its in a negative or positive way, we can say there’s always a lesson learned and we should  try to keep that lesson.

The start of a new year gets people excited for new things. We begin to think about resolutions to keep and to improve on.

But I am wondering,…How many of us actually kept our resolutions for 2011….???

I had so many resolutions lined up at the beginning of 2011. I remember vividly, i had them written on a cute notebook i had bought from WHSmith. The notebook had cute little rabbits at the front page and it was white and blue. It was as though the manufacturer had made it especially for me and that was part of the excitement of writing the resolutions.

So i sat down quietly in my room before i headed to church and i wrote down all the things i wanted to be able to do before the 31st of December 2011. I had it down that i wanted to do my driving, stop eating fast foods and sodas, basically eat healthy. I wanted to take part in a charity run or do a hike, and to excel in my studies. Well, I can tell you now that the whole year just went past and all I managed to do was one resolution, because I had no choice but to do it. Failure they say is not an option, so exceling in my studies was a must!! The rest, only God knows.

So now we have struck 2012 and I’m sure most of us have made a list of about 5 to 10 resolutions to follow this year. But I decided to do things differently this time. My main aim is not to have resolutions to follow and keep, but to have a set of goals that are achievable and even though I do not manage to accomplish them by the end of this year, at least I would have started them and would be halfway through the mission, but depending on  size.

I have said to myself time and again that a new year is a new start for me in many things including bettering myself, but as time has gone by, I learnt that every day is a brand new day to start over from what you messed up on yesterday, so there’s no point of waiting till the next year to make that change.

But for the rest of us who still have their resolutions, focus on them one by one and do not stop at nothing or get side-tracked. In everything you choose to do, put in all your effort and do not lose hope, neither give up. Remember, you are the captain of your own ship, strive to be the best.

As we run through this New Year, it is my pleasure to tell you , don’t look back on where you used to be in sadness and regret, but rather… PAUSE…. and give thanks to God for this far that He has brought you. Forget the worries and situations of yesterday and SMILE…because it is a new day!

It is a blank page on a 365 page book…. How well will you write your new story?