Lazy thoughts

You ever had one of those particular days, as the morning is breaking, you are half asleep yet so awake; Your brain so crumpled up, thinking of the the tasks ahead? Better still, your thinking about how little the time is, to accomplish those tasks???I was having one of those days this morning. I was having a lazy unmotivated thought. My mind was running wild from excitement of the day, but at the same time torn apart by the amount of things I thought i had to do. These things were bigger than words, bigger than my imagination could fathom. Furthermore, the journey to the end seemed so far away, so long, so tiring. Well, to be honest, as the day went on, i realised that those tasks  were not that bad, but the thought of them and the fact that I had not started them made them an obstruction in my mind and hence why they seemed like they could not be accomplished in a day. One of the tasks was to write this blog… And this is where it all begins. As soon as you tackle one task, you begin to see that even the rest are minor as long as you put your mind to it. Subtract the lazy thoughts before the objective and add the motivation.One step at a time folks, and the mountain will move.

By BlossomLoise Posted in Life

3 comments on “Lazy thoughts

  1. I feel we can all relate to these feeling, where your body is full of energy but your mindset seems to disagree. Its the part where your mind is telling you, you wont accomplish your tasks with the time you’ve got. But somehow, someway you have to dig in deep and realise sitting down and doing nothing will not accomplish anything. Someone once told me that “Laziness is nothing more than the habit of resting before you get tired”. So before you get to resting (laziness) get up and get tired. Get those tasks done, one at a time and if you don’t manage to complete them then at least you have made a start.

    I sure hope you had a productive day. God Bless…. and continue the good work with your blogs.

    • Thank you King. I sure did have a productive day. I decided to get tired before i get to the resting part, which i will enjoy with a peace of mind knowing that i did not procastinate. Your reply means alot. God bless.x

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