Dear Child Of Tomorrow!

Life is too short, so don't live your life according to the approval of others, but rather live it aligned with the truth and your dreams.
Let purpose be your motivating tool. Do not be a prisoner of your past. There are no mistakes in life, only lessons. A day without learning is like a day without breathing. So learn from your previous mistakes and do not regret. Regret is a choice!
Don't give too much attention to the number of followers you have. If anything, care more about the number that you inspire.
Live up to your values, your standards and set a benchmark.
Pursue your dreams! Become the architect of your future.
Have a go getter's attitude and make a big difference!
Dream big! Start small! Act now!
Again i say…Life's just too short, so don't play little.👌🏽

For every test, there’s a testimony…Share Yours!

It sure feels like a decade since i last blogged.It’s been manic to say the least. Trying to balance work, motherhood and life in general.It seems like when you promise yourself that you’re going to be consistent with something, thats when things get busy in your life and your mind conveniently gets a bit of what we famously call, the writer’s block.

For the past 2 years, i had this fire within me to continue with my blogs and to keep posting regularly. And its funny because since then, i have had so much going on in life that could even make up a book. Literally a number one seller.You would think that having a smart phone would be a motivator because i could blog as i go… but even the time to put the notes together wasn’t there. Maybe it was the lack of words to put the events together as things got intense. I became afraid of my own shadow. Afraid of exposing my life and I lived in fear that people would judge me.

 The good news is that since then, I have grown mentally and have realised that sometimes God puts us through certain tests so that we can be a testimony and help others. And that is what I am learning to do daily. To use my experiences to teach others and to inspire and change other people’s perspective on life.Many are the times that I felt I had a story to tell. A story that would encourage someone or uplift someone or maybe even make someone else feel like their life ain’t so bad. Sometimes maybe just a story that would be a good read, while I channelled my thoughts into writing.

The lesson to learn in this is that we should always create time for the things that we love and we should handle everything with courage even when it comes to sharing stories to bless someone else.

I cannot be certain that I will be posting everyday or every week, but one thing is for sure, that i will try my best not to let an interesting story or a valuable lesson pass by…

Poem of the day…

Came across this beautiful poem and it spoke volumes to me so i thought i should share it.
It’s an everyday life… An eye opener…

What happens to a dream deferred?

Does it dry up
like a raisin in the sun?
Or fester like a sore—
And then run?
Does it stink like rotten meat?
Or crust and sugar over—
like a syrupy sweet?

Maybe it just sags
like a heavy load.

Or does it explode?

By Langston Hughes.


Kenya Turns 50

Kenya Turns 50

I pay respect and honour all those freedom fighters that fought for our rights and our land. All the blood that was shed in pain and misery with the goal to save our country. I pay tribute to the souls lost. But i am thankful that i was born in an independent, greater and richer Kenya. So for that, Dedan Kimathi, Waiyaki Hinga among others i raise my hat and bow. We are thankful to God for the freedom, but we are also indebted to your loyalty as our forefathers and former leaders.
So as Kenyans, we celebrate half a century of self-rule, but what have we learnt so far?
Hitting 50 years as Kenyans should awaken our senses and help us realize that we are one regardless of the tribes we are from or the languages we speak. Kenya originally means ‘The abode of God’…So lets humble ourselves and walk from 12/12/13 in peace knowing we are a chosen nation and we ought to be each other’s keepers. Like our president said “let us reflect on the significance of the colours of our flag and the words of our National Anthem. Let us also dedicate ourselves to the National Values inscribed in our new Constitution”.

Happy Jamhuri day to my kenyan family. Happy mashujaa day to all our freedom fighters. God bless Kenya.

Leukemia…Its a race against time…Be The Match!!!

The past few months have taught me a major lesson. I have learnt that a lifetime isn’t very long and that there are only so many tomorrows.
I learnt that when you think you have all the time in the world and you are busy taking your life and health for granted, some people are desperately fighting for theirs.

About 2 years ago, a friend of mine was diagnosed with leukemia and that was a life changing ordeal for him.
 After a fight for his life and constant support and prayers from his family and friends, he was given the all clear earlier this year. Unfortunately, on his road to recovery, he has recently suffered a relapse and is now back in hospital for further treatment.
During a recent chat with his doctors, they told him that he needs a bone marrow transplant for his survival.
Some of us would ask…..BUT WHAT IS LEUKEMIA?
Leukemia is a form of blood cancer where the white blood cells multiply abnormally and circulate throughout the body. This abnormal white blood cells are called leukemia cells. As learnt in biology, white blood cells help to fight infections in the body. but in a person with leukemia, if they are in large numbers, they deposit in the body tissues, crowding out the normal white cells, red cells and platelets and this makes it hard for the normal blood cells to function, hence causing damage.
It so happened that i was on the net one time gathering more information about being a marrow donor and as i surfed along, i came across a recent health Article on the BBC which showed that black people are three times more likely to need a transplant than the general population. This is because of the higher genetic disposition to illnesses. 
Moreover, only 1% of donors are from the black community. 
I personally think this is a sad situation as it means that the black people who need a matching donor have to be in the list for a long time and some eventually loose their battle during this wait.
As a registered donor myself, i want to add my voice and encourage people to become part of the solution and understand that this predicament can happen to anyone. You are fortunate enough to be healthy. Infact, you are blessed…
But unfortunately it is not so for everyone else. How would you feel if you were to find out you were a match to someone but you didn’t do anything about it? 
This is a humble plea coming straight from my heart, asking you guys to join the Anthony Nolan register(link below) for bone marrow donation.
I am of course passionate about this charity and about this cause because of my friend, but also because it gives me much joy to know that i am potentially able to save someone’s life.
This plea also stems from the fact that i have previously lost a friend from leukemia and i didn’t know anything about transplant until later.
So i cannot be ignorant now that i know.
So i kindly ask you my friends and family, especially the black community, visit
and make a change in someone’s life.
Some of you reading this article may know the friend i am talking about and it should prompt you to be more motivated to take action.
And even the ones that do not know him, please help by registering on the above link in order to save, not just our friend’s life, but the life of others too. 1 donation can save up to 7 people.
You don’t have to lose your life to save someone else’s life, its just a simple procedure and the process doesn’t hurt. 
And whats more is that, the organisation will not contact you unless you are a match to someone.
As you ponder about what you get out of it, just know that in the long run, God will bless you and help you in your time of need.
Remain Blessed!!! 🙂

This is personal…

The past few months have been one of those times you just want to forget and erase off your past memories.
As pastor Marvin says, I’ve had my share of ups and downs, mixed emotions, from happy to sad, laughter to tears. I have felt discouraged, encouraged and even tried to encourage myself, but somehow there would be that moment where there would be so much turmoil in my heart, so much hurt thinking about certain situations, or just thinking, life should be better than this.

I have lost friends, or rather people i thought were ‘friends’ and gained some valuable lessons too.

The Bible clearly states that as a man thinketh in his heart then so is he, and to be honest as much as i tried not to think about everything i was going through, i couldn’t help it.
i believed i was depressed and if i remember well, i think i confessed it to a few of my good friends, some of whom came up with the all famous sentence “don’t say that” or “depression is not your portion”. But who’s to say i took heed to their words? how could I at that time anyway? i had it all figured out in my head and no one was going to convince me otherwise.
But when you’re a child of God and you know the word of God, you will always get a conviction in your heart. I could feel the spirit telling me do not confess that, i kept on remembering Job 22:28, but that was not enough for me to start thinking positive.

Apparently i am a very negative person. that statement has come from a few people in my life. I tried to change my thoughts but it only takes me a minute and i forget and so i end up back to square one…-ve thoughts.

So just a few days ago as i searched for uplifting music on YouTube, i came across James fortune’s new album called identity. For me, that was the turn-around.

The Album blessed me in so many ways and i felt like shouting to the whole world to listen to it. If i could that is. I sent a few recommendations to a few people here and there hoping they would get blessed as i had been, but i guess people get ministered to in different ways.

From that album i learnt that As much as i go through pain and disappointment, i have to know that it could be worse. I should praise now because i am still standing. I learnt to trust God rather than question Him, because truth be told, i did alot of that over the past few months. It got to a point where i felt there was no point in praying because He wasn’t listening. (By the way if your reading this and thinking the same thing, let me tell you right now, that is a bad mentality and regardless of what happens, just know that God hasn’t given up on you.)

Nowadays i have decided to ask God to change my identity and to make me a new person who believes that everything that happens in my life worketh for my good. I have decided to trust God and to think positive…Well, i am working on that. 🙂

So this morning i want to bless you guys with this beautiful song and hope it will change your mentality and your life. Don’t be so caught up overlooking your mistakes. God cares about you. Just trust Him and believe that He will change you if you are willing. Do not be negative, no matter what the devil throws at you, God can still turn things around and give you the breakthrough you want. Do not be weary.

As i write this blog, i am actually ministering to myself aswell. I know it is easier said than done, but all you need is a little faith in the most High and all will be well.

I highly recommend a purchase of the album.

God bless you for reading.

The lessons of 2012.


If there is anything I have learnt over the past few weeks, it’s that you cannot
move forward into a new year if you cannot appreciate the goodness and the
challenges of the previous year.

As the end of 2012 draws closer, I reflect on the events of the year and I stand hearty saying it’s been a hell of a ride. There was laughter, tears, good times, bad times and above all, lessons learnt. There were times the tide of life would hit so hard that I thought I couldn’t handle it, but I am glad I went through what I went through because it opened my eyes to my naive mentality of life. There are no regrets, since some mistakes cannot be retracted the best a person can do is to look at life from a different perspective and focus on becoming better.

I could write down 101 lessons that the joys and challenges of 2012 have taught me, but I will only note down 12, and hopefully they will also change someone’s life.

1.) Life is a cycle, when something happens in our lives and we do not resolve it, the same test will keep reoccurring until we learn to handle it the best way and retract from the same mistakes.

2.) Regardless of the mistakes you make you have to forgive yourself, work on change and stop being so hard on yourself.

3.) True happiness stems from the inside of us. You have to love yourself wholly so you can be able to love others.

4.) People will always talk, whether you do good or bad. Its what people do. But its not about what they say, but about how you respond. Do not hold on to anger and do not take things personally, just focus on what’s best for you and make yourself a better person.

5.) You should never have to hold on to someone obsessively, regardless of how good they are because if you’re a great person yourself, they will be too busy trying to hold on to you, and the job will be effortless if its mutual.

6.) It’s good to take care of someone, and even better when someone takes care of you, but its always best when you both take care of each other.

7.) No one can ever walk in your shoes, literally speaking, whatever path you choose in life, people may walk in the same direction with you, but they can never walk for you.

8.) They say that you can do nice things for people and they merely turn a blind eye but as soon as you do a mistake they never forget…But a lesson here is that when a friend makes a mistake, never forget all the good things they ever did to you.

9.) Always make time for the people you love. Your presence is valued more.

10.) If God is all you have, then you have everything. Seek Him first, and everything else will fall in its perfect place.

11.) Before you leave a relationship, remember it’s not only about the things that the other person did, you may also have contributed to it and those issues will still follow. Always find the root to every problem. You cannot escape the work you need to do on YOU!

Finally, and this is my best one….

12.) When you think you are doing the right thing, yet your intuition/inner man tells you that it’s the wrong time, believe without a doubt that you are doing the wrong thing. The Bible says that God has made everything beautiful in its own time. (Ecc 3.11)

So as 2013 unfolds, I ask you to reflect and challenge yourself on the lessons you have had, the deep understanding you had about the world surrounding you and the changes that you have gone through.

What have you done and why have you done it?
What friendships or relationships have you formed? Are they contract-based or unconditional?
Did you die to your selfish needs or was it just “I want” all the time and never thinking about other people?

Whatever route you took, you have no one to blame but yourself for the choices that you made.

Do not enter into 2013 so casually.

Don’t just say “New year, New me”…Evaluate!!!

Do an assessment of where you have been in the past and learn to make changes.
Speaking from experience, I have come to understand that through the wrong choices made in the past, sometimes we cannot just wipe the slate clean within a day or two, or with just a change of mindset. But actions and effort play a big part. You’ve got to walk the talk!

Character, self esteem and integrity will then soon pick up.

I heard this reflective quote from my pastor once in a service, that when you are born, you come into this world with 2 pillows…1 for pain and the other for pleasure. Which one have you used so far in your lifetime? Exhaust the pillow of pain in your early days and use the pillow of pleasure in your later days. It’s all about sacrifice. Pay the full price by sleeping on the pillow of pain, then one day you can sit back and relax and rest on the pillow of pleasure. Your willingness to sacrifice is the prove of the value that you place on the object/person/situation.

In a nutshell, nothing comes easy.
Think about the quote, “The bigger the future, the bigger the Enemy”.
We all face temptation in life, but your zeal to overcome that temptation and commit to sacrifice, will determine your big reward waiting for you. What you achieve becomes a legacy.